• Water Conditioner Comparison

    Magnetic Water Conditioner Comparison

    We have searched the web to find you a list of suppliers of electromagnetic and magnetic water conditioners, along with the company name and web site address, we also provide an outline as to their price range, and the guarantee that they state on their site.

    There are two types of magnetic water conditioner – electromagnetic (EM) , also known as electronic, and magnetic (M). Both systems work on magnetism, but the later has a finite lifespan and although there is no running cost, it is often more costly intially.

    Company Name Water Imp Water King Clearwave Magnetic Solutions
    Based UK UK USA USA
    System EM EM EM M
    Price Guide from £95 ($140) from £110 ($160) from £140 ($200) from £230 ($330)
    Guarantee 190 day Money Back – 5 year Manufacturers 100 day Money Back 180 day Money Back – 3 year Manufacturers 180 day Money Back

    Our recommended supplier is Water Improvements Limited as, in our opinion, they offer the best value, service and guarantee. Their site also supports secure online ordering, and they ship to anywhere in the world for free.

    If you are a supplier of electronic / magnetic water conditioners and would like to appear on the site then please email us.